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Product Gallery

This page is a gallery of products that E&S International has put together over the years. It is only a small sample of products that demonstrate E&S' capabilities in Foundry Castings, Custom Castings, Pattern Making, and many more. Below are the individual products and the information that pertains to each of them. Many of these products are in our inventory and are ready to be purchased. If you are interested in any of these products please fill free to contact us.

Custom Designed Door Handles

We have always placed ourselves, our values, and our resources into our homes. The investment yields residuals, although intangible, our spirits are lifted with a sense of pride. Give your home that feeling of pride. This is the chance to begin to decorate and give your home the unique look you've been searching for.

#102 Malinche

This decorative design displays a shell for fertility, a tree for growth, and a silhouette of a pregnant woman for life. "Marina La Malinche" is a familiar story to the people of Mexico because it is the name given to an an Indian Princess who had betrayed her people to the Spaniards.

Sportsman Entry Handle

This stylish Sportsman decorative door handle received its name because of the intricate horns at the top and bottom. It is especially popular with gaming enthusiasts of all kinds.

#104 Espada

This custom detailed door handle has many uses other than the most obvious. Just the term "espada" (meaning sword) projects the feeling of protection. Its importance is obvious by its smooth and distinctive curves demonstrating its power of sophistication.

The Last Supper
This is a biblical and mystical symbol of many religions of the past and present. Please take time in paying homage to the 'last supper" of our Lord as he offers prayer, bread, and wine to his Apostles. this wonderful casting is offered in both aluminum and bronze.

If you are looking for something thatis not here in this listing than please consult with E&S about creating your idea from scratch. Our decorative door trim will enhance your home, office, church, and/or business. This is the beginning to decorating your home the way you want to.

(Other designs available upon request: Spanish, Mexican, Contemporary, Modern, Mediterranean, etc.)