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U.S. Seals



Patriotic Art of The United States Seals

Beautiful replicas of the great United States Seals are now available to each and every person that wants them. E&S International is proud to be authorized to cast replicas of the obverse and reverse of the actual Federal Seals. These castings are approximately 24" in diameter and are available in either aluminum or bronze. Displaying such a set is a Prestigious opportunity to express Patriotism in a Unique and Artistic manner.

The obverse at the right of the one-Dollar bill, is the design from which the U.S. SEALS is cut and which the Government employs in many ways as decoration. This design displays the American Eagle with a cluster of 13 stars above its head and on its breast a shield which represents the union of the 13 original States under Congress.

The olive branch in the Eagle's right talon and the bundle arrows in the left talon denote, according the authors of the design, "The Power of Peace And War". In the Eagle's beak a streamer bears the celebrated motto"E PLURIBUS UNUM", out of Many, one.

The Pyramid is the Eye of Providence in a triangle which is surrounded by a glory or emanation of light. Above the Eye are the Latin words "ANNUIT COEPTIS", Translated as:"He (GOD) has favored our undertakings", and beneath the Pyramid, "Novus Ordo Seclorum", "A New order of The Ages".

Prices for an Aluminum set or a Bronze set, approximate 24" in diameter, is available upon request.

For about two decades, Emanuel Salaiz has been producing the U.S. SEALS by government specifications and selling them to private and public entities. Federal agencies are among his customers. The General Services Administration on one occasion bought more than 100 sets for display on U.S. Embassies, Federal structures, Federal Banks, Border Stations, Federal Judicial structures and Post Offices. Private collectors, Banks, and private individuals buy the replicas of the U.S. SEALS for display in lobbies. For the private owners, the U.S. SEALS become "unique and treasured possessions".

Regulations permit Government Buildings to display the U.S. SEALS on exterior surfaces. Other possessors must arrange interior displays.

Contact Emanuel Salaiz today at E & S International for prices and shipping schedules.